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Sun Control Window Film Popularity Keeps Increasing

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

According to recent reports published by research companies in America, the window film application market is expected to grow by over 5% year on year for the coming decade and is expected to have a massive impact on the evolution of “green buildings” as consumers and the general public become more conscious and more aware of the impact our energy use has on the environment – couple this with the impact that both ultra violet and infrared radiation has on our lives and the need for solar control film has never been more important.

Improvements in the technology of window films has enabled huge advances in the reduction of solar heat gain in the buildings we live and work in today and has driven the popularity of solar control films in both our residential and commercial lives. The benefits of solar reduction film is matched by our need to reduce our carbon footprint, increase our energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, reduce our energy consumption alongside our awareness and consciousness of having the ability to do so.

Sun control film dominates the window film market and has a 46.2% market share according to recent statistics. Not surprising really as these films enable us to live a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a more comfortable environment indoors; be it our homes, offices, schools, hospitals and, frankly any building you can think of.

China, including Hong Kong is expected to be the main driving force for the window film market in South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region as a whole and this mass populous, increased availability of disposable income, huge strides in environmental conscientiousness coupled with quality products such as market leader 3M whose spending on research and development makes it a clear dominant force in the Asian market.

Residential and commercial applications make up almost 60% of the sun control window film market and in Hong Kong we have seen huge growth over the last 5 years alone in this sector. Government assistance, tax incentives, energy company sponsorship and NGO projects are leading to a huge increase in both the awareness and application of these films and Eco Glass is proud to be one of the leading installers in the city. Focussing on these sectors as a priority we have seen a huge demand for 3M window films products and our knowledgeable and dedicated team has driven the Hong Kong market to new heights in both educating residents about the benefits of widow films and helping to contribute to the overall reduction of the city’s energy use by installing them.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of 3M window film and Eco Glass – a 3M Authorised Applicator – then contact us directly by email on or by WhatsApp 5528-8824 and we will be happy to assist in any questions you make have, provide free quotations and help you on your way to a more energy efficient, cost effective sustainable lifestyle.

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