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Which Temperature Control Film Is Best for Your Home?

Updated: Feb 29

A 3M Temperature Control window film is a long-term solution to lower your electricity bills and create a more comfortable indoor temperature while at home. Everyone is looking for something that can block the crazy heat during the summer months here in Hong Kong and Eco Glass have the answer – 3M Temperature Control Film. So don’t worry - we can offer a variety of films to allay your problems and have different options depending on your budget.

Our 3M Temperature Control Films can provide you with more stable, bearable temperatures and can give you considerable energy savings. Keep reading to find out more about each window film’s properties.

3M Prestige Sun Control Film

This 3M Prestige multilayer film is ideal for people looking for protection from the sun. 3M Prestige Sun Control window film can significantly reduce the temperature, latent heat and 99.99% of the harmful UV rays that are streaming into your house all summer. It also blocks the suns’ glare and produces noticeable energy savings – notably from your aircon use - during the summer months leaving you with a more comfortable indoor temperature.

3M Prestige Sun Control films vary in darkness / tint level without sacrificing natural light or aesthetic appeal. 3M Prestige Sun Control film gives between 40% – 70% of the natural lights’ ability to continue coming through your windows through whilst also reducing the suns’ heat, reducing the UV rays, and temperature and also protecting your skin and fixtures and furnishings.

3M Prestige Sun Control window films are the perfect remedy for householders who are looking for:

· Relief from the heat, protection from harmful UV rays, and energy savings during the summer.

· A decrease in their electricity bills during the warmer months

· A noticeable reduction in internal temperature of your home

3M Night Vision Film

3M Night Vision window film offers also both energy savings and added comfort during the summer months. Its high reflectivity ensures added privacy during the day and crystal-clear views at night. 3M Night Vision film blocks up to 71% the sun’s heat to keep you cool by reducing the heat coming in and thus the inside temperature and also allows 15% to 35% of natural light to stream through your home. It also significantly reduces glare and furniture fading.

3M Night Vision films are best for those who:

· Are looking for extra privacy and protection from the sun during the day

· Would like clearer views of the outdoors during the night

· Have an issue hot weather and higher electric bills in the summer and want to lower the temperature indoors

3M Residential Warranty

3M is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the window tinting industry. Our customers choose Eco Glass because of the quality of our 3M films and because we are 3M Authorised Applicators. Having your 3M Window Film installed by Eco Glass allows for a comprehensive 3M residential warranty.

Each film is guaranteed for it’s specified time, which covers:

· Blistering

· Bubbling

· Cracking

· Crazing

· Delamination

· Discoloration

· Peeling

If you want to learn more about 3M energy saving, and temperature control window film then contact us here at Eco Glass. We are Hong Kong's premier window film installer authorised and accredited by 3M. For more information and a free quotation for your home or office contact us by email at or by WhatsApp at 5528-8824

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