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Choose the Window Film That’s Best For You

Updated: Feb 29

3M Window films block a substantial amount of everyday radiant heat flow, keeping the heat out in the summer and making it not only easier for your air conditioner to do its job, but saves you having to spend so much on air conditioning costs. Window film benefits all homes but particularly ones that have windows that aren’t very efficient in blocking heat or UV rays.

However, homes with all styles of windows can also be helped by some types of window films. Here we can see a list of the styles of 3M films that are exclusively used by Eco Glass and we’d like to give you an idea of how each once can benefit you and your home:

  • For privacy, choose a darker film that’s hard to see through from the outside.

  • Security film gives your windows an added layer greater strength to help prevent shattering and is useful not only to keep intruders out but also in seasons such as typhoon season,

  • The longer a film’s warranty, the better chance it will continue to perform at a high level for an extended period of time. Look for film that’s warrantied against bubbling, cracking and fading for maximum performance – Eco Glass and 3M have combined to offer a wide range of warranties depending on your style and type of window.

  • Most films provide protection all year and should be left up through the seasons. This feature is also available for many decorative films.

Privacy Window Films

The best window film for privacy prevents people from being able to see in from outside. Privacy window films may feature a frosted or reflective surface. They are available in 3 main degrees of darkness and differing levels of opaqueness. They can reduce the amount of light a room receives. Reflective surfaces can sometimes be seen through from the outside at night. Eco Glass has a variety of frosted and reflective privacy films from 3M so be sure to ask about our full range.

Decorative Film

Decorative window films from 3M are mostly Di-Noc of Fasara films which Eco Glass offers a full range of. The look of stained, etched, frosted or textured glass can be realised with decorative films. One advantage is that these are usually easily removable. They can't only be used on windows, but other household surfaces as decor. Decorative films can block UV rays at 80 percent to 90 percent and provide some privacy benefits. However, they typically don't provide significant heat protection.

Temperature Control Films

Temperature control film saves on not only heating and cooling costs but on your health and peace of mind. The film helps block up to 99 percent of UV rays and depending on the chosen film, up to nearly 80 percent of solar heat. It reduces glare, but also reduces the amount of light a room receives. The Prestige range of 3M heat blocking window films are typically more expensive, but they protect against heat while allowing in more light and are the top of the range films offered by Eco Glass.

Security Films

Security films help protect against intruders. The strong film offers increased shatter resistance for window and door glass. They also hold glass fragments in place if the window is broken due to adverse weather or attempted break-ins. These films are particularly useful if you live in a climate that often experiences strong storms and natural disasters such as typhoons here in Hong Kong.

Choose the film that best suits your needs and get a professional to come and give you a better idea of what it is you need. Eco Glass offer free consultations, measuring and quotations so contact them at or WhatsApp 5528-8824 and see how window films can add an extra layer of security and comfort to everyday life.

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