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Client Privacy is Important

Updated: Feb 29

As much as we value the importance of privacy in our own homes, privacy in the workplace for our co-workers and clients is just as important. Clients feel more comfortable in an environment where they don’t feel under the spotlight adding undue pressure to a situation that can be either personal or of utmost importance.

If you are a doctor, lawyer, social worker, financial institution, jeweller or any workplace that values the privacy of your clients then making them feel comfortable should be of paramount importance if you want to get the deal done. You want your client to feel like it’s just “you and them” so having privacy available can be the difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied client.

Frosted or tinted windows mean that they feel safe from prying eyes and are more comfortable and relaxed to do business. 3M Fasara and frosting can alleviate the undue stress on clients making them feel like they are in a private environment and able to do business in a more professional manner.

3M has a range of frosting and Fasara that can transform the workplace from an open, daunting environment to one of safety and privacy making you, your workforce and, most importantly your clients feel at ease. An office with frosted or tinted windows is a great environment because it makes your client feel at ease. This feeling of ease, or security is most important to the client and will reflect on what’s most important to you – the bottom line.

Eco Glass is Hong Kong’s premier window tint and frosting installer and working together with 3M has installed frosting and privacy films in banks, government departments, hospitals, jewellery exchanges, offices, rest rooms, bathrooms and pretty much everywhere you can think that privacy is of importance.

If you are in a business where client security and comfort is paramount, then it’s important to invest in 3M window tint or frosting fro your commercial premises.

Contact us at Eco Glass if you’d like to know more about how to make your clients feel more secure at your office. Eco Glass is a 3M Authorized Applicator and works exclusively with 3M Privacy Window Films, Fasara and frosting here in Hong Kong. If you think 3M Privacy Film is what you need for your office, then contact us at +852 5528-8824 or by email on

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