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It May Be Cold - But Summer’s Coming

Don’t be fooled by the current cold weather we are having here in Hong Kong - it’s normal as the Spring Monsoon hits and it’s a prelude to hotter and sunnier days ahead. That means that our unbearable hot and sunny days are just around the corner and makes this the perfect time to start thinking about solar control window film.

Solar control window film is a multi-purpose film that reduces the the heat that’s transmitted through your windows by the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays. It also reduces the glare that the sun causes in your home or office making it easier to see both your television and device screens. It is a blocker of 99.9% UV rays and is proven to protect you, your family, your pets, your furniture, your flooring and your art work from those dangerous rays that can cause cancer in humans and fading in your home and office wares. Those of you who hang art should be extremely thoughtful of solar window film as it will reduce the fading that the sun causes in you art works.

Solar window film can also add an added layer of security as it adds an element of privacy to your windows and adds another layer to your glass making it harder to break into your home or office.,

Solar window films are aesthetically pleasing and, unlike the mirrored windows you see on the outside of our skyscrapers here are not just cosmetic, they are scientifically proven to reduce heat and glare. With this heat and glare reduction the knock-on effect is less need for air conditioning and thus, you’ll pay less for your electricity bills at the end of the month. In all, solar window films are an investment for you, your home or office and your family or employees.

Don’t hesitate and contact Eco Glass right now for a free consultation and quotation, or team of experts will come and advise you on what’s the best film to suit your needs. Eco Glass is a 3M Authorised Applicator and works with the best 3M films on the market. 3M Solar Window Films are the top of the range and that is why we use them exclusively.

For more information email us on or WhatsApp us on 5528-8824 or find us on Instagram @ecoglassasia

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