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Does Your Window Film Turn Purple?

Updated: Feb 29

Many people ask us why their older – or sometimes even new – window films have turned purple. Is it due to excess heat, too much sunlight or a bad installation? Well actually the answer is simple – cheap, low-quality film turns purple and, in the long run will cost you more money that applying a high quality 3M film the first time over.

Overtime, a dyed window film gets bleached by the sun, causing it to turn colours like purple, pink, or even completely clear. As this happens over time, the film will stop blocking the sun’s UV and infrared rays, allowing them to pass through your windows. This is typically seen in architectural grade window films that are from non-3M brands.

Experts state that the harmful UV rays window films are used to block can lead to failure in the dyes used by many low-quality window films, this happens more commonly when the dyes used to tint the window film are applied after the UV coating.

Manufacturers who cut corners to lower production costs ultimately create an inferior quality product which is why it’s better to call the professionals here at Eco Glass to get the job done right the first time. At Eco Glass we are 3M certified applicators and only work with the highest quality window films available on the market and will ensure you get the best product and services backed by a great warranty giving our customers extra peace of mind.

For more information, a free quotation and assessment of your home or workplace please contact us on 5528-8824 or email us at

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