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Keep Your Privacy with 3M Reflective Film

Updated: Feb 29

With Hong Kong being one of the most compact cities in the world, a little bit of privacy goes a long way – especially if you can be assured of it sitting in your own home or personal workspace. Applying 3M reflective mirror film can give you the privacy that you need as it allows you to see out of the window but does not allow people to see in during the day.

Not only does 3M reflective film offer you the privacy that you need, but it also offers high heat refection by blocking and reflecting Ultraviolet and Infra-red solar energy before it penetrates the window. In fact, the 3M reflective film reduces 99% of all solar rays which not only reduces your risk of the possibilities of skin cancer but also helps alleviate the effect the sun’s rays have on your eyes.

Additionally, it can lead to improved living and working conditions and a reduction in air conditioning costs. It can also alleviate the discomfort of glaring reflections from computer screens and assist in compliance of workplace regulations.

Our professional installers highly recommend 3M reflective film. This high-performance silver architectural film is the most efficient 3M sun control film. It is used where solar heat reduction is the major concern. Commonly installed behind tinted and clear glass, it is a popular commercial market product. This film offers 3M's unique abrasion resistant coating for added durability.

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Ask for 3M P18 Reflective Film:


- IR Heat Block - 77%

- Heat Reduction - 72%

- UV Block - 99%

- Glare Reduction - 81%

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