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Keeping Cool Up Top

Updated: Feb 29

Many of us live in high rise apartments, homes high up on the Hong Kong hills, penthouses atop of one of our many skyscrapers or just have homes that we like to let as much light into as possible.

The upside? Great views of our city and our countryside, beautifully lit rooms that are light and airy and glass ceilings and skylights that make us feel like were living within the blue skies of this majestic city.

The downside? Heat, glare, brightness and the never ending need to keep our air conditioners running.

Windows and skylights are the reasons our homes get hot and the more windows we have on our roofs and rooftops the hotter our homes will get – especially in the summer months when the suns heat is at its peak.

3M Solar Window film is the answer to all your needs as their range of films from Prestige 70 to Prestige 20 allows for differing percentages of light into your homes which, in turn allows for more and more heat deflected from your windows.

3M Solar Window films also reduce glare meaning less strain on our eyes making it easier to see and read our appliances andf reducing some of the harsher brightness that can occur with windows that do not have 3M Solar Window Film installed on them.

Eco Glass is Hong Kong’s premier 3M Solar Window film installer and has vast experience working with penthouses and skylights way atop of buildings where the heat is at its highest.

Call us now for a free quotation on your windows and see how much of a difference the addition of 3M Solar Window film can do to not only your comfort at home, but your wallet too as the more you insulate your windows from the heat, the less you’ll need to keep those air conditioners running,

Eco Glass is a 3M Authorized Applicator working exclusively with 3M Solar Window Film and can be contacted on +852 5528-8824 or by email on

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