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Protect Your Pets With Window Film

Much like us, our pets love basking in the sun – no more so when the temperatures cool during winter, and we find our pets sitting by the windows lapping up the winter sunshine that streaks through our house windows. But what may look like harmless, casual relaxation may have a profound negative affect on your pets overall health.


Much like us, our pets are prone to skin cancer as well as a number of other health issues that come along with excessive sun exposure and exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays that it emits. Other difficulties that may arise include dehydration, heatstroke (especially in the summer months) and general sunburn.


One of the easiest ways to alleviate your pets from the harmful ultraviolet rays that come from the sun is by installing window films. At Eco Glass, we use 3M Solar Control Window Film that not only blocks 99.9% of the harmful ultraviolet rays but also cools down the house by absorbing the suns heat allowing for a more comfortable temperature in the home for both you and your pets.


Having 3M Solar Window Film installed can drastically reduce the impact the sun will have on your pets and actively protects them (and you and your children for that matter) from those harmful ultraviolet rays. You can protect your pets from cancers and other sun related health complications by simply installing 3M Solar Window Film.

Window film can be an enormous help in calming down a reactive dog at home, and comes in many attractive, easy to apply versions.


Our team of experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about solar window film so contact us by email on or by WhatsApp on 5528-8824. See how installing 3M Solar Window Film can make the lives of both you and your pets safer and happier by calling us now for a free consultation and quotation.


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