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The Benefits of Sun Control Window Films for Homes & Offices

Updated: Feb 29

Solar control window films are specifically engineered to:

- Improve comfort

- Improve energy savings

- Increase privacy

- Increase fade protection

- Reduce- glare

- Increase safety and security

This is Achieved by better insulating your windows and applying a reflecting film to counter ultraviolet rays, hereby also helping slowing down the process of furniture fading.

Commonly used in museums, art galleries, and other institutions where it is vital to reduce glare, control heat and prevent UV rays from penetrating to protect artwork or valuables, solar window films are also highly beneficial in commercial buildings such as offices as well as in residential properties.

What are the benefits of Sun Control Window Films for residential properties & homes

Homeowners can significantly reduce their energy bills by simply applying solar window film to their windows. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why solar control films have become so popular for residential properties, representing a rapid positive return on property owners’ initial investment – as little as 2 years’ time.

Indeed, savings in energy bills can be of as much as 30% of a standard bill.

This represents a considerable amount of money saved repeatedly over several years, when compared to the minimal initial investment it represents.


Reduce Glare and Protect Furniture

Solar control window films can reduce glare by up to 90%, also giving you protection from UV light. Eco Glasses solar window film stops 99% of harmful and damaging UV rays which can cause ageing of your skin and furniture to start fading.

Just like in museums and art galleries, having solar reflective window films in your home will protect your furniture and other decoration or art pieces from being damaged and starting fading due to sun rays exposure.

In addition, notably if your residence is south facing, solar window film will improve comfort for you, your family or residents by reflecting light rays to diminish glare, particularly on screens.

Consequently, solar and anti glare window films applied to living room’s windows enable you to watch TV without being blinded by the sun.


mproving your safety and helping prevent break-ins

Another key benefit of solar window film is the added security it will provide you with. Eco Glass offer a thicker variation for solar films, which helps strengthen your windows and protect homes from break-ins. Up to 350 microns thick, this extra layer enhances the breakage resistance of your windows, hereby providing additional security to your home.

Nevertheless, if preventing burglaries, break ins and glass breakage is your primary concern, we recommend installing specific security window films to your windows.

What are the benefits of Solar Window Films for offices?

Increasing productivity

At the workplace, glare coming through the office windows can create discomfort for employees, thereby affecting their productivity.

This has been a long standing issue, notably during sunny months, which has not gone unnoticed by managers and executives, even becoming an area of study resultings in books such as “Creating the Productive Workplace,” in which it was observed that having solar control window film applied to windows,  employees performed up to 15% to 21% better than when exposed to window glare.

That is why solar control window films are an ideal solution to increasing productivity in the workplace, reducing glare by up to 90% to keep your team comfortable and working in optimal conditions.

Much more convenient than blinds which can be easily damaged and thus result in additional maintenance or replacement costs over the years, our window films also let natural light in, which helps improve the mood and motivation of employees. Window films are therefore a cheaper, more discrete and less time consuming solution to glare than traditional blinds.

Controlling room temperature by reducing heat

Heat control is also a main benefit of solar window films.

Working in a heated environment can create discomfort and consequently cause frustration, tiredness and therefore reduce productivity and even affect communication in between employees.

With solar reflective window film applied to windows, the ‘greenhouse effect’ can be prevented, enabling for heat emanating from sun rays to be reduced by up to 85%.

In addition to benefiting comfort and thus productivity of staff, this will also enable considerable saving on energy bills, reducing costs incurred by air conditioning requirements.

Not only will you initial investment costs be recovered within as little as 2 years, solar window film will also participate to reducing your carbon footprint, and help promote the environmental friendliness of your business.

For further information about how solar window film can benefit your home or commercial premises, get in touch with Eco Glass today.

Contact us at Eco Glass if you’d like to know more about how to protect your home or office from glare. Eco Glass is a 3M Authorized Applicator and works exclusively with 3M Solar Window Films here in Hong Kong. If you think 3M Solar Window Film is what you need for your home or office, then contact us at +852 5528-8824 or by email on

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