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Ways to Use 3M Commercial Window Films in Your Office

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Commercial window film has a great number of benefits, including: increasing privacy, reducing glare, increasing efficiency, and adding aesthetic value. Consider these applications for commercial window film to your Hong Kong office and reap the benefits for yourself!

1. Increase privacy in conference rooms without losing light.

Frosted window film can add a new layer of privacy to conference rooms and private offices without decreasing the amount of available light. Frosted window film can also add to the aesthetic of your office space. Privacy film is available in a variety of shades and patterns to match the design of any office space.

2. Add a professional aesthetic throughout your office space.

Add designs to cubicles and other areas throughout your offices with 3M Decorative window films. There are many options for subtle patterns that can help tie your space together. Decorative window film can be applied on the entire window or as a partial design and can be used on the internal glass of the office such as meeting rooms and private offices.

3. Decrease sun glare on your monitors.

Use tinted commercial window film to decrease the glare on computer monitors. 3M Tinted window film / sun protection film can also reduce UV rays by up to 99%. Consider adding tinted window film to rooms with large windows to allow employees to stay productive regardless of the time of day - a big deal in the heat of summers in Hong Kong. Also, by reducing the internal heat of the offices there is less need for high air conditioning use thereby reducing your energy consumption and your energy bills overall.

4. Increase safety with safety window films.

Commercial 3M Safety window film works by creating a layer of protection to strengthen glass during break-ins, vandalism or storm damage. The glass stays better intact with security window film so that if broken, the shards stay together. This can help slow down an intruder, giving you more time to react and reduce dangerous flying glass debris.

5. Add branding to your front entrance.

Utilise commercial window film to incorporate your logo in the glass of your building's front entrance to help brand your space. This will assist customers in identifying they are in the right place and provide your business with a sense of professionalism. You can also add decorative window film designs to brand interior windows for shared facilities.

6. Keep a comfortable temperature throughout the office.

3M Sun control or UV blocking commercial window film helps maintain a comfortable temperature indoor even in the brightest rooms. Adding UV blocking window film to your Hong Kong office space can keep employees comfortable no matter the season, as well as save on your electricity bill. They can also help prevent fading of carpet and furniture.

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