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Window Film Options for Reducing Energy Consumption

Updated: Feb 29

3M Window films help cut down glare, reduce heat gain in Hong Kong’s hot summers and can keep a proportionate amount of heat in during the winter. It’s estimated they block around 40% of heat lost* during colder seasons and approximately 70% of heat* during the summer months (*ranges vary depending on the film applied and other environmental factors). With Eco Glass and 3M Window film, there are a variety of options to choose from when looking to reduce energy costs with commercial window films.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting & Film

Window tinting films are not only designed to enhance your Hong Kong commercial property, but also to provide security and privacy. In addition, window film reduces solar heat gain by as much as 85% and improves insulation properties.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduce Cooling and Heating Loads

  • Reduce Interior Fading

  • Reduce Utility Expenses

  • Bomb Blast Protection

  • Deter Smash and Grab Crime

  • Create Privacy for Glass-Walled Rooms and Offices

  • Reduce Glare

  • Reduce Graffiti Abatement Expenses

  • Increase Tenant and Resident Comfort

3M Prestige Series Film

3M Prestige Series films do not contain metal. This means you don’t need to worry about corrosion or any interference with electronic devices or signals. These films are also less reflective than the other cheaper brands on the market.

Prestige Series films utilise layers of polymer to achieve the best performance, and their appearance and clarity beats out other films, too.

This multilayer film rejects up to 99% of both ultraviolet and infrared light and is regarded as one of the top films in the industry.

3M Night Vision Film

3M’s Night Vision films have high-performance features designed to maximise sun control, making it one of the most energy efficient options.

Unlike other high-performance sun control films, the Night Vision films offer low interior reflectivity. The Select Series also works to protect your home from harmful UV rays while addressing heat and glare.

Night Vision films give you clear views during the afternoon and evening, and they reject up to 71% of the sun’s heat, which means more comfortability and a lower energy bill.

For more information and a free quotation contact Eco Glass on 5528 8824 or by clicking this link:

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