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Your Skylight Needs Window Films!

Updated: Feb 29

Many of us have skylights. Aesthetically, they’re great; they let light in to brighten up your home and give you wonderful sky views and allow the sun to warm your home up at the same time. But they have some major disadvantages – disadvantages that can be rectified with one simple solution: 3M Solar Window Film.

At times, skylights can let in too much light. Depending on the size and orientation of your skylight, you can end up with a room that is too bright or has too much glare for your own comfort. If the skylight is in your bedroom, maybe you don’t want to be woken up when the sun rises and trust me, putting curtains or a blind on your skylight is either impractical, impossible or way too expensive. Also, if you have a TV in the room, the glare from your skylight will make watching TV impossible!

Did you notice how hot it gets when you have a skylight? It’s a magnet for the sun’s rays and whilst not only letting in a vast amount of heat, it also draws the ultra violet rays and infra-red rays into the room making it hotter and damaging your fixtures, furnishing, artwork and basically everything in the room is at risk.

Most skylights are also poorly insulated so, when you realise how hot it is and you have to keep your aircon cranked up to the max, your increasing your energy use, increasing the costs or cooling the room and basically losing more money than you should do for just a simple window in a room.

These seem like big problems but there is a simple solution to all these issues in the form of 3M Solar Window film. Having a professional install 3M Solar Window Film onto the glass of your skylight will have amazing visual, thermal, and economical results for you, your home and your family.

3M Solar Window film will reduce the ultraviolet rays by 99.99% making your room safer for you, your family and all the art, furniture, and fittings in your room. It will reduce the infra-red rays by 100% making the room cooler meaning you need to spend less on your energy and aircon bills at the end of the month. It will reduce the glare from the sunshine measing you can see the TV screen properly and, that’s also a benefit to those who wear glasses or have sensitive eyes as the brightness of the room will be reduced and safer for your eyes.

Overall, don’t worry about having skylights, they’re great windows for your comfortable living - they just need 3M Solar Window Film installed on them to make them safer and create a more comfortable home or office environment for you and your family.

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