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Caring For Your New Window Film

Many of our customers are as concerned with the aftercare of their new window film as they are about how it will protect them from harmful ultraviolet and infra-red rays that the 3M Window Films are designed to negate. So here’s a quick run-down of some of the answers to our FAQ’s so that once you’ve had your film installed, it doesn’t seem as daunting as some may think!

Cleaning your 3M Sun Control Window Film once installed is generally peoples biggest concern, so here’s a few pointers from the pros – don’t touch or try to clean your newly installed film for at least 30 days. The film needs time to cure, let the excess water evaporate and fully adhere to the window. This is the first and most simple step to your new window film.


Secondly, your window film will look a little hazy or cloudy for the first few days. This is normal so don’t freak out! This is just the excess water trapped between the film and the glass and, with a few sunny days the window will return to optimum clarity and full, unobscured vision will be restored. This is the same for the small bubbles that may appear after installation – they too will disappear over time so don’t worry.


Once your window film is full bonded after 30 days then you can really clean it like a normal window. Don’t use anything too abrasive -we recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth. You can also continue to use your ammonia free products such as Windex like before – Windex will not harm your film. You can also dry the window film or remove small stains with the same lint-free style of cloth. Just remember – DON’T SCRUB AT THE FILM!


For more information, free quotations and site checks for your home or workplace windows, contact Eco Glass, Hong Kong’s premier window film installer and authorized by 3M as both an applicator and distributor of 3M Sun Control Window Film. We are available any time, any day by email on or on WhatsApp 5528-8824.


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