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Stay Safe This Holiday with Home and Office Security Film

This Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year season, keeping your property safe and secure should be your number one priority. While offices close-down, or you go to stay with your family, criminals do not! There are many deterrents you can include to maximize your home or office’s security, from alarm systems to increased locks, but one of the most effective is the use of safety and security film.

So what is safety and security film and how can it benefit you or your business? As your windows are a prime way of access to your home or home office, this should be a priority. Reinforcing the glass with a layer of unbreakable safety and security film is the best deterrent and will stop any potential burglars gaining access through your windows.

Glass security film is essentially a protective layer that is applied directly to your existing panes of glass. The unique film is designed to immediately strengthen the window and make it significantly more resistant to damage.

Another option is to prevent people from seeing what is inside your home, office, workplace, or ground level shop. Installing reflective film will stop those prying eyes and reduce criminals’ ability to assess whether your establishment is a place worth burglarizing! There are many kinds of reflective film available so contact one of our consultants for the one that will suit your home or business the best.

Of course, window safety and security film is also able to provide your property with all of the usual benefits that solar window film offers. As well as reducing solar glare, window film can also make your home or office more energy-efficient, reducing the cost of your energy bills.


For more information, free quotations and site checks for your home or workplace windows, contact Eco Glass, Hong Kong’s premier window film installer and authorized by 3M as both an applicator and distributor of both 3M Safety and Security Film and Sun Control Window Film. We are available any time, any day by email on or on WhatsApp 5528-8824.


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