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Does Tinting Windows Make My Home Colder in the Winter?

Updated: Feb 29

Our 3M window films act as a barrier for your windows, but they aren’t technically making your home colder. Instead, our 3M window films act as a filter reflecting heat away from the window. This means in winter they are reflecting the heat in your home back into your home.

Glass is a horrible insulator—it’s a fact. Go and stand next to your home’s exterior walls and then an exterior window and you will feel the difference. So how can you fix this problem? Add an additional layer of insulation to your windows! Not only does this help trap more heat inside your home, but it also reduces the amount of cold entering.

If you install our 3M window film, your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system will thank you! Have you ever felt like your home was more like a refrigerator during the coldest days of winter? Window film can help! After installing new home window film your home will not only heat-up faster, but your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep it warm. This leads to lower energy bills, less maintenance, and better comfort.

Window films filter out the infrared radiation generated by the sun. In the summertime, infrared radiation is the reason that one room always gets way too hot, way too fast. That said, this same principle which blocks the infrared heat, also keeps the heat in. Those rooms which previously lost heat very quickly in the winter will lose heat at a much slower rate after window film is applied.

When it comes to window films it’s not just all about heat. In the winter especially, there are other benefits to installing home window tinting in Hong Kong. Here are some of the other main reasons our customers buy home window tinting in Hong Kong:

- Window Tint Reduces Glare

As the angle of the sun changes in the winter, you will start to notice sun glare in places you didn’t before. Glare control window film can help with this. This type of home window film filters the sunlight entering your home effectively taking out all the harsh glare of the sun. This means you can keep the great view without the need for sunglasses to see it in the winter!

- Window Films Add Privacy

In the winter, your home can be a little more exposed than normal. As surrounding vegetation dies off for winter, window films will step up to continue to provide privacy. Reflective home window tint makes it so you can see out of your windows, but that nosy neighbour cannot see in.

Eco Glass is your premier home and office window tinting company in Hong Kong. We are one of the city’s most certified and trusted window tinting company and one of only a handful of 3M Accredited Applicators. If you’re looking for window tint, get in touch with us today so we can help you find the ideal window film for your home, office and your individual needs! Call us on 5528-8824 or email us at

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